My art Tumblr I will post WIP, sketches, finished works an so on.

WARNING gay stuff it´s common in here.
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Versión en español :)

I love cute images with bad ass messages on them… so… I had to make mines <3
I will make a series of this and sell them as stickers <3

dreaming-of-ghosts said: Hang in there! Lots of people are rooting for you and you’re totes not alone. Pm me if you’re blue

vaimoinen said: you can do it <3 you’re a very talented and very strong person, and you can do this

You are so sweet guys, thank you very much <3 <3

Me cheering me up.

Your art style is really soft and gentle but full of lots of movement and emotion! And all of your characters have so much personality and the cutest noses. And you have really strong bold clean lineart.
coffeshere coffeshere Said:

;__; Oh thank you so much! I don’t know why “cutest noses” made me happy. I really appreciate this <3 <3


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

(via dandyprince)

Asker im-oke Asks:
What is the 30 day otp challenge?
coffeshere coffeshere Said:

Is this one! Is about drawing your OTP in various situations. 

A last year watercolor, I still have many things to upload @_@

Winsor & Newton watercolors, with glitter and golden applications.

surrealscorpion said: gurren laganns fandom is unpopular? Quite the contrary to what Ive seen.

He he, I was actually talking about the Rossimon fandom ;-; Gurren Laggan itself is kind of coming back because of Kill la Kill. I hope the same happen with Rossimon.

Why did I came back to a dead unpopular fandom. Why? I’m suffering so much finding nothing new after all this years. ;__;