My art Tumblr I will post WIP, sketches, finished works an so on.

WARNING gay stuff it´s common in here.
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I didn’t knew what to draw, but then I remembered: shotas never fail <3

Shota for #inktober <3 yeeeeei

This is Étoile, I want to make some mini comics with her. She usually uses lolita but wanted to try something different <3

Watercolor sketch. #Korra

Inking Korra, I miss her ponytails but also love her short hair. It’s hard to hold the tablet while drawing.

I have to go back to work.

Sad Ivan for the night. #OC

Preview of my collab with Inkcube for a sketchbook.

Step by step gif, always wanted to do one of this c:

Korra doodles. I want more Korrasami in mi life.