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WARNING gay stuff it´s common in here.
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I wish I won’t wake up tomorrow.

That’s how we are, even on those lonely nights.

Not as good as the last card, I would consider this an ink sketch. #inktober

The Magician #inktober

Something simple #inktober

I didn’t wanted to make cute stuff today. #inktober

Asker flynes Asks:
hola! tus dibujos son muy bonitos! :) me estaba preguntando, qué lápices usas en tus sketches?
coffeshere coffeshere Said:

Hola Fly! Uso lápices Faber Castell para chequeo, no son la gran cosa pero me agradan. :)

My OC Étoile in tartan. #inktober

Day 5-6. #inktober #oc

Day 5-6. Ivan is here again, this time as the fool. #oc #inktober