My art Tumblr I will post WIP, sketches, finished works an so on.

WARNING gay stuff it´s common in here.
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Little Shampoo <3

Illustration for an Art Jam about Roller girls I did a while ago.

Color palette practice.

Omg your art is amazing wow wow wow
coffeshere coffeshere Said:

Thanks princess! <3 <3 I’m trying my best.
Sorry for the very very late response ;——-;

Asker biancohills Asks:
hello!! i really love your art, and i was wondering if you took commissions? if you do, what are your prices?
coffeshere coffeshere Said:

Hello Bian! Sorry for the late response ;o; I just saw it. I will start accepting commissions in a short time, I’m still deciding the prices.
Many thanks for your interest <3 <3

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You are the sempai ok my sempai :,D
coffeshere coffeshere Said:

I have an anon Kouhai! <3 <3

Magical Lolita Shoujo of Gabi, who also happends to be a talented illustrator from my city. Check out her works, you will love them!


ok but imagine ryumako getting married and instead of doing her vows like a normal person, mako does one of her little hallelujah moments to explain why she loves ryuko

Today experiment.

Why anyone isn’t talking about them painting each other?